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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Generic phone settings (PLEASE!) (idea #83)

I got an invite to a public meeting about mobile content. Here's an extract:

"Complex settings, confusing interfaces and disabled functions show that the customer seems to be the last thing on the minds of the mobile operators and handset manufacturers."

Actually, the last bit isn't true. Nearly all the revenue comes from talking and texting, so these interfaces tend to work quite well and are highly optimised in most cases (although there are still some incredibly daft interfaces to the address book on some phones).

If you've ever bought a new phone and then plugged in a SIM card, you will know the pain of having to work out the settings in order for WAP/MMS to work (or any other service - e.g. IM). This all seems unnecessary to me and I'm sure that the OMA are working on a solution. Meanwhile, here's mine...

All operators should support generic settings, which means exactly the same APN names, usernames and passwords. These settings will be pre-programmed in the phone by the manufacturer. At the very least, this will enable the phone to establish contact with a server to download operator-specific settings appropriate to the user's account.

Can it be that easy? I must be missing something.

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