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Saturday, February 11, 2006

SIP in my browser (idea #76)

In the world of IMS, which is SIP-based, there is a confusion over client implementations. Some companies are emerging to deliver what they call "IMS clients", which is really a strange idea, but it is easy to see why this has happened. These IMS clients are mostly a bunch of apps that will run natively on the phone and deliver some of the early "enabler services" that the IMS world touts, such as Instant Messaging, PoC and presence-enabled phone books. There are a variety of simple use cases around these themes that tend to get bundled in. Adding an SDK to the mix allows the whole solution to become a "client", as other IMS services could potentially be delivered.

Out in the web world, things are moving on in parallel, as the communications model is still firmly HTTP-centric and there is no consideration for SIP, except in some instances that utilise a network-based SIP-HTTP gateway.

However, there is no need why this should be the case. The recent excitement about AJAX in the web world could be made even more exciting by embracing SIP. There's no reason why AJAX messages coudn't run over a SIP stack. This would allow a more elegant interface into SIP-based environments. Of course, AJAX can also run over HTTP and both can take place side by side.

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