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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

100 Mobile Product Ideas...#1..#100

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It has been a while since I started blogging and I decided to post 100 ideas as a running theme. I have often been too busy to blog properly and also have to watch carefully not to blog about topics that might infringe rights - I work as a consultant in the mobile ideas business!

I shall post a collection of each 10 ideas on my site and eventually a free e-book of all 100 ideas, with additional comments based on follow-up discussion with readers and various afterthoughts. The PDF will also include a recent chapter "Mobile in the 3G Era", written for thenow released book "Thumb Culture" and a free and lengthy paper about IMS, for those interested in this emerging area of mobile connectivity.

To read the ideas as they unfold, keep visiting my blog, or, of course, subscribe using the RSS feed. To read them 10 at a time, keep coming back periodically to my site, or get notified via my email list. To do this, or get the free PDF of all 100 ideas, you need to sign up to my email list. On the sign-up form, you'll be able to sign up for my general list, or just the PDF. Either way, I don't give out your address, nor do I bombard you with spam.

The ideas so far:


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