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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bump-into-effect on my mobile (idea #79)

The sidebar for Google's desktop tool has a nice panel called "photos" which continually cycles through thumbnail images of the "My Pictures" folder and sub-folders. If you see one you like, it can be opened in a jiffy. As these are my photos and not ghastly banner-ads, I tend not to blot them out of my vision - I will frequently have a quick look and occasionally open one up.

This is the "bump-into-effect", which I first remember hearing on a Tom Peter's tape - I think he talked about leaving books lying around so that you read them and also leaving bikes by the back door so that you ride them. I've mentioned it a few times before.

I wonder how this might be utilised to good effect on the mobile? I remember the old idea (and I can't remember where from) of an app on the phone prompting the owner to "tickle their contacts" - call people not called recently just to say "hello". A photo-enabled phonebook would make it more compelling.

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