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Monday, June 20, 2005

Less umms, more silence...idea #65/100...

Do you "umm" a lot? If I play back a voicemail message before I deposit it (which I invariably do and probably shouldn't), I notice how many times I say "umm". Probably it increases during voicemail experiences. Afterall, talking out loud to a machine isn't always easy, even for a geek.

Speech processing is advancing all the time, as are signal processing devices. When I speak through my mobile, perhaps a filter could remove the "umm" bits and replace them with silence.

That said, with powerful enough speech processing and synthesis, it ought to be possible to replace entire words in real time, not just remove "umms". If I say "I think we ought to move forward on this one Bob", Bob could hear "I'm confident we should move forward on this one Bob", which is with my "sound more assertive" filter switched on.

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