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Friday, June 17, 2005

Book review

The recent (June/July) edition of IEE journal "Communications Engineer" awarded my book a maximum 5 stars. Here are some quotes:

"The author gradually builds the knowledge of the user, but always relates this back to the 'big picture'. I suspect this volume will do much more than most to help dispel the fog surrounding wireless applications, and will allow the reader to create their own view of how all of this technology can actually be harnessed to provide mobile applications that are needed and loved by the users - and therefore can become revenue generating."

"There may be no 'killer application' yet for the next-generation wireless networks - but this book could easily become a 'killer book' that excites and motivates you to devise successful new ideas for mobile applications, and to understand which technologies can be used to build them."
The book is also a 5-star buy on Amazon. Go buy it!

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