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Monday, June 20, 2005

HCI?...idea #64/100...

HCI stands for Human Computer Interface (or Interaction), but should it stand for Human AND Computer Inclusion?

Modern lives tend to be based on two types of HCI:

Human-Company Interaction = social interaction with people.
Humming-Computer Interaction = sitting glued to a monitor.

(There's another, which is Human Cathode-Ray Imbibing = television.)

Most of the time, there's a sharp boundary between the two. Just think of the daily office routine. It's either tapping at keys or talking to people. There's very little overlap. Computers are socially exclusive. Mostly, they're designed that way.

Mobile devices occupy a unique status as computing devices - they are always with us. Each of us carries a computer in our pocket for most of the day. There is a degree of social inclusion, but very rarely, such as swapping contact details via infrared/Bluetooth.

The new frontier in computer design, especially mobiles, is to make them socially inclusive. Interacting with a person and interacting with a computer (mobile) needs to become more blended. This requires a new approach.

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