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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jobs and the new frontier of computing...

It's v. hot here in the UK. Summer has arrived at last. I even got sun burnt for the first time in years, whilst watching my kids in their golf lesson. Today was putting. Balls were going straight, even without nano-tech.

The weekend has been great for lazing around in the garden and reading a book or two. One book that I couldn't put down is iCon - the story of Steve Jobs and his comeback. All the historical stuff in the book reminded me of a previous ambition, which was to design a personal computer.

Silly Paul! Does he think that the mighty dominance of the existing Wintel can be challenged?

Well, of course! In fact, anyone who doesn't think so is the real fool.

When the team at Apple walked into the Xerox PARC labs and saw the now-familiar "Windowed" GUI and mouse concept, they realised this was the future, but not before some creative type showed it to them.

OK, so the technology isn't the whole story. We all know how things panned out with Apple and the Mac versus Windows/Intel. But, still that frontier had to be crossed. From geek-dom to office productivity tool and the birth of the PC boom.

So, where is today's frontier?
HINT: read the name of my blog!

In mobile computing, we're all still carrying around an Apple II, not a Mac!

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