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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Flower power...idea #66/100...

Cameraphones, along with MMS and Push-to-view applications, enable us to connect with visual databases. Pattern detection and matching techniques can be used to identify image content.

One example already touted is facial recognition, using the face as a kind of visual URL. Point the camera at someone's face and click straight into their website, or a search about them etc.

One application that I think countless people would find useful is identifying plants, shrubs and trees. How many times have you come across a plant that you'd like to have in your own garden, but don't know its name.

With the emerging mega-pixel camera-phones, it ought to be possible to get enough resolution to make a match, or at least a guess at the likely candidates.

Visually driven search engines are an interesting idea to pursue in terms of better interfaces to drive mobile computers for a variety of applications.

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