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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

100 Mobile Product Ideas...#8 (pt. 2)...
My home line on my mobile

Previously, I blogged about my desire for a networked answering machine for my fixed home line, offering web and mobile access to the voicemail. However, a network-provider based solution is more attractive in the long term, because it means that I get voicemail whilst the line is busy.

One approach to fixed-mobile convergence is to make my landline behave as if it were my mobile. This is entirely possible in the evolving world of SIP-based telephony.

For voicemail, which was my main concern, my mobile messaging service will act on behalf of my home line too. If I miss a call at home, the caller is sent to my mobile mailbox.

Such services are on the horizon, but we still need to include visual navigation of the voicemail and missed calls. A synchronised address book is also a necessity.

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