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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The feminine user experience...

I followed some of the posts on "Halleys Comment" about Carly's resignation from HP. Halley liked a comment from Tom Peter's website on that story:

Women + too much technology = frustration
Women + simple technology + efficiency + reasonable price = a home run for whichever company dreams it up first.
(N.B. this is supposed to be a general point, not a comment about Carly, other than she supposedly understood what a woman wants from an HP product.)

I have to disagree.

NOT GEEK + too much technology = frustration
NOT GEEK + usable + value = home run for the RARE company that does it

Lot's of people, men and women alike, can't program their phones.
Good design would solve the problem, as Tom Peters has been telling us for a long long time...

Don't take it from me though, you can get it from a woman too...Barbara says it better....

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