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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bad menus, bad taste, bad aerials...

The drop-down box for US states annoys Seth Godin, who bemoans the persistence of bad ideas. It's persisted because everyone else does it. Well, so is mint-flavoured tooth paste and I loathe it.

Thank heavens then that in my move to use non-flouride toothpastes, I found one that's citrus flavoured. And it's for adults. I thought only kids got yummy flavoured toothpaste.

Sometimes bad ideas persist because there's no outside - no purple cow (Sethology) - to disrupt the status quo. Nokia persisted with mars-bar phones whilst the world was falling in love with clam-shells. They lost serious market share. For years, Ericsson phones had huge external antennas. Yuk! Like minty toothpaste! No, worse!

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