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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Making mobile apps more viral...

That's "viral" and not "virulent"!
Having just spent ages trying to fix a virus-infested PC in my home network, the last thing I'd want to do is suggest we need more viruses. We clearly don't! AHHHH! Viruses are BAD!

What we do need are more viral applications. What I mean is simply that mobile apps programmers should consider building a "recommend to a friend" button. For example, I recently downloaded the mobile feedburner MIDlet. As I posted earlier, I had first to enter a tortuous URL on my non-QWERTY Nokia 6600. Boo hoo!

But boo hoo for everybody else too!
This is when it struck me that if I wanted to recommend this to someone else, I'd have to communicate the outrageously hideous URL to them. On the other hand, I could simply text it to them.

Now that it's increasingly easy to incorporate texting into a mobile app, we need to see more of this method of sharing. In fact, it should become a defacto standard.

In general, it's a good way of spreading applications from one phone to another.

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