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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Red-Button" ads on mobiles...

Justin Pearse writes on The Feature that mobile marketing is going mainstream. Just as advertisers can now include interactive-TV "Red Button" on campaigns, they can now include an SMS response mechanism.

According to Justin, major ad agencies are now offering this mobile add-on in their portfolio. In other words, mobile marketing has gone mainstream.

If this is true, which I suspect it is, this is all the more reason that influential members in the mobile food chain should make the mobile experience closer to an actual "Red Button". Currently, users have to text keywords. I'd like to see a proper study done on this to examine its efficacy.

As posted earlier (and in earlier posts and in my book) I'm still campagning for ad-numbers that includes a recognisable equivalent of the red-button, so that ad readers know that they can get more info on their mobiles. "@1234 for more info on your mobile".

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