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Monday, April 03, 2006

Name that tune in 1 note...(and idea #85)

I was watching a DVD the other night (Without a Trace) and heard a song that I liked on the sound track. Unfortunately, it wasn't credited at the end. Then I remembered Shazam, the music identification service, so I dialled 2580 (which I remembered, as it's the middle keys going downward) and held it out to the TV speaker. Seconds later, it sent me a text note with the artist and track. It was Mazzy Star ("Fade into You"), who's probably very famous, which shows how little I pay attention to popular music.

Combined with a music download service, the service would really rock (forgive the pun). Now if there was an API into iTunes (accessible from Shazam), I could have gone clicked on the link and downloaded the tune. Better still, my desktop could have gone downloaded the track for me and - "Shazam" - there it is, next time I charge my iPod.

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