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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Floating fish...(idea #71)

I like those screensavers that show exotic fish swimming idly across the screen in emerald blue water above beautiful coral and sand. Well, I like them to a degree. I don't actually have one. What happens to the fish when they swim off the edge of the screen? I'm sure it would make a good question for a philosophy paper: "Do electric fish exist when they swim off screen?" The programmer would say "yes, they're in the screen buffer", oblivious to the contradiction in the question. But then programmers often seem oblivious to contradictions, as evident in their error messages: "Missing reference 0x001 - please try again". As if I can find the missing reference in order to try again!

What occurred to me was that the fish could end up on the screen next door, if only they knew how to get there. Now, wouldn't that make for an interesting diversion at Starbucks when you're next there with a few coffee-companions. Place your mobiles on the coffee table and watch the fish (Starfish?) swim from one screen to the next, courtesy of Bluetooth. I'm sure there's all kind of possibilities here...

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