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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Game boy in the pocket experience (idea #103)

All my kids have Nintendo DS lite - in all colours (black, white and pink). I watch as they struggle to force them into their trouser pockets. I'm still adamant that garment design isn't keeping up with technological habits. My older brother still pokes fun at my techno "clothing ideas" (remember the socks?) so I felt duly compelled to announce my latest thinking in this untapped fashion arena.

Firstly, trousers need console pockets - this is clear. However, what a console really needs is a top screen too to announce the ongoing progress of "evolving" games, like Nintendog. If a dog needs feeding as it's about to die, this should at the very least cause the console to vibrate, but better still announce a small message on a top screen on the closed device. Consoles need to follow mobiles and have a top screen. This would then require a pocket with a transparent portion to allow top-screen viewing.

Now this leads to my latest thinking in men's apparel. With phones like the Motorola KRZR now reaching very thing, light and slender proportions, they should be easy to "wear" on the sleeve in a tiny outside pocket (I will submit a drawing as soon as I get my new tablet connected). With a landscape view of the top screen, it would be possible to view the screen just like reading a watch. Now, does that mean we need tacky clear-plastic inserts in our sleeves to see the screen? I'm sure that with the right mix of thin (but durable) material and a bright enough display, it would be possible to see right through a veneer of material snuggly wrapped over the device. Paris fashion show beckons!

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