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Monday, October 24, 2005

Age of Connectedness

From Lubna Dajani's column in Mobile Enterprise Mag:

"In this age of connectedness, however, it is expected that we shall move from a mobile telephony evolution to a mobile computing revolution. But beforethat happens there are a number of questions that need answers, especially since mobile computing is something entirely new to the masses. What is it good for and why do we need it? While definitive answers do not yet exist, this has not stopped us from building networks that supposedly will enable the mobile computing revolution. These are the so-called 3G networks.

To make sense of it all I have called on a dear friend and colleague, Mr. Paul Golding. Paul is an internationally renowned mobile consultant who holds many patents and has authored several books, including his current book titled “Next Generation Wireless Applications.” Paul is known for his creativity in an otherwise conservative industry. I have asked Paul to share his view on the mobile revolution in the age of connectedness. This is what he had to say…"

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