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Friday, November 10, 2006

auto reverse-charging (idea #104)

In the UK, and lots of other markets, the calling party pays (except when calling a roaming mobile, when the charge is shared). It would be great to set up relationships between callers so that the called party can nominate to pay the charges. This might work well between adults and kids - not necessarily parents and siblings, but any adult-child relationship where the adult is happy to pick up the bill for the call.

As per my last posting, it would be great to control this feature via the "addess book" itself (or whatever we're going to replace it with once we get over the book metaphor) and not some tedious meandering through a portal. Simply applying an attribute to a person in the book means that I get to pay the call charges both ways automatically. The same feature would be useful for paying roaming charges too. Calling a prepay user overseas can rapidly deplete their call credits.

The sharing of payment is a great idea generally and there are a number of variants on the theme. I'm glad to see that some markets allow the trading of minutes between friends, which is especially useful to the youth.

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