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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Built to order...idea #69...

Previously, I asked the question "is it possible to set up an instant company to make a new cool mobile phone?" I think the answer is yes, but didn't elaborate.

Today in a discussion with a friend who's MBA case-study is related to the challenges of a build-to-order plant for the new Mini-Cooper, a new question was aired:

"Is it possible to make a built-to-order mobile phone?"...
or, instant company redux...
"Is it possible to set up an instant company to make a built-to-order phone?"...

Why not?

And I don't mean changeable face plates.

With modular design, a whole range of parts ought to be interchangeable, including:

1. Keypad
2. Background colour LCD (top and inside)
3. Camera resolution/position
4. Peripheral connectors (mini-USB)
5. Bluetooth/WiFi options
6. Clamshell cover type/hinging direction
7. Colour trim and mouldings
8. Default config of external buttons
9. Memory size/type
10. Operating system
11. Installed apps
12. GPS

All this would be configurable via a web-based ordering system, like Dell's.

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