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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why 100 ideas?

Why am I posting 100 ideas in the next 2 months?

The answer is that I want to create discussion, provoke ideas, spark enthusiasm.
Some of the ideas will be good, some of them not so good, some of them bad. But, I'll keep posting regardless. It's the discussion that matters, or the ideas it might spark in the minds of others.

I realised that a lots get said about the importance of mobile applications. A lot gets said about the notion of "killer apps" and "killer cocktails". A lot gets said about operator mindsets not being in tune with developer mindsets. A lot gets said about applications technologies. A lot gets said about...I could go on and on about what gets said.

However, I noticed that there just isn't enough said about the applications themselves. What are they going to be. why do we need them, what will they do etc.

Don't get me wrong. I know there's a whole bunch of developer sites. I know, I frequent them, even though I seldom write code these days. I know there are developer forums. Even so, these don't really talk about applications, they talk about applications technologies. We can follow yards of threads about HTTP and Web Services and.....the list is long. But an application is what we do with these technologies.

Developers tend to have a dim view of operators, who simply "don't get it". Well, we can keep lamenting this point amongst ourselves and never go anywhere with it.

I hope that my blog will be read by a cross-section of the mobile industry and some interesting connections will form.

In due course I hope to cover the topic of what applications will work in the 3G era and the process of how to go from a interesting idea to a fully fledged service. Stay tuned...

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