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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pretty in pink...

There are so many pink mobiles. When I posted a while back (pre pink-fad) about the idea of there being a "Women's Mobile", I said that I didn't mean a mobile with flowers on, but that is exactly what Siemen's latest "Poppy" design has. Things have moved on and we now have sites dedicated to "women's gadgets", like Shiny Shiny.

While at Shiny Shiny, I noticed the "Beat Buckle", which enables an iPod to be carried on (used as?) a belt-buckle. This reminded me of my crazy cellular socks idea (# 58), which was supposed to be a joke, but looks like someone took it seriously with the cell phone garter. Moreover, it has now become fashionable to puts socks on the phone, which sounds like it has excellent re-cycling potential to me (after washing).

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