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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tickle List (idea #89)

Operators are starting to roll-out online back-up services for our address books. In case we change phone, or lose it, we can load the contacts back into the new one in a jiffy. Of course, once an operator has the user's address book, there are a hundred interesting things to do with it, starting with using it to drive any other services that require an address book.

Previously I blogged about differential charging in order to offer cheap calls to infrequently dialled numbers. Once the address book is in the network, it's a "simple matter" to correlate phone records with the lowest dial-out rate and tie these back to a name. Rather than send a message, as previously suggested, like "Call Fred today for 50% off" (or whatever incentive will make a call likely), the 10 least frequently dialled numbers could be highlighted in red (say) with a message "Call a red number today for 50% off".

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