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Monday, April 10, 2006

IEE Presentation...

I was recently invited by the IEE in Oxford to give a presentation titled "Services for Next Generation Wireless Applications" based on some themes in my book, which I updated for this presentation to include ideas from the world of IMS. Feel free to download the slides. There aren't any speaker's notes, but the general themes are probably still apparent. I'm thinking to annotate a version with a voice-over if I get time (and a suitable tool to do it), mostly to see if this is a more efficient way of communicating ideas that don't fit well in a single blog post and that don't require me to write a paper.

As ever, the moment I reviewed my slides I realised that they need changing and improving, but this is just a snapshot of the conversation ("mobile services") that is clearly an ongoing and unfolding story. I actually prefer to call it GSM 2.0 (not 3G), because there are analogies with Web 2.0, but I didn't put that in the presentation. Some commentators think that there's a Mobile Web 2.0, which is like Web 2.0 on the mobile, but I think that misses some important nuances in the evolution of mobile networks, which is why I prefer GSM 2.0. I shall elaborate on this in a later post.

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