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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mobile spiritualism...

Have you spoken to any dead people on your mobile recently? Well, now it's a "possibility".

Whereas Hertz only managed to transmit sparks, it was Marconi at the turn of the 20th century who finally figured out how to use the human voice as the cause of electrical excitement in the antenna. Radio transmission as we know it was born.

Transporting the voice through air seemed paranormal. Indeed, some spectators were so in awe of this effect that they convinced themselves it had a supernatural significance. Some were even convinced that radio had potential for communicating with the dead .

Now that's silly isn't it?

Well, not so, according to inventor Juergen Broether who has come up with a new idea, as reported by fellow mobilist David Pescovitz in a recent item in his journal on The Feature.

The gist of the "invention" is a mobile phone that is buried with the deceased in the grave. It has a speaker-phone and the battery gives 200 hours of talk time.

Now, I might just be a little dumb on this one, but what about RF coverage? And what about when the battery runs out. Do we exhume the mobile?


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