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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A break from having ideas and comments...

Apologies to those waiting for the 100 ideas e-book. I know it's slow coming and the blog has slowed right down (which happens to my blogging about once or twice a year). I've been busy with projects and found that I simply didn't have time to blog this past month. Moreover, I just haven't been in the "ideas mood". I've taken a kind of holiday from thinking of ideas, mostly because of the summer holidays. Instead, I've been doing a lot of reading (besides working, of course).

I just found out that one of my colleagues has been a contractor for 30 years. We don't know anyone else who's been contracting for that long. With a record like that, I suggested he ought to write a book. Of course, it would need a suitable title. We came up with "How to Survive the Outsource Jungle". A survival guide has a suitable scare-mongering feel, which, judging by UK media, is a good way to sell words. (At the right moment, I will launch my other e-book - "How to Survive Avian Flu when (not IF) it comes.")

Writing is the topic of the week. I've just completed an invited paper about IMS, to be distributed via Wiley at a forthcoming conference. I am also in discussion with a publisher about my next book. I have written most of the book that inspired the name for this blog - "Wireless Wonders" and I'm looking forward to finishing it and getting it published. My current book is selling very well according to Wiley and I'm in discussion with them to write a book about IMS. "Oh no! Not another book about IMS" I hear you say. Well, yes. But, this one will be more "big picture" stuff, presenting the grand idea of IMS rather than all the nuts and bolts of the protocols (although it will have some of that too).

Which brings me to my last point for now. I intend to distribute the invited paper to all those who have patiently subscribed to my email list for the 100-Ideas book, just to keep you going (some late Summer reading) and by way of compensation for taking so long with the ideas stuff. It should be ready for distribution in the next couple of weeks. Happy reading!

I expect to pick up on the ideas blogging in the next few weeks too, so keep checking your feeds for any updates...

Bye for now...

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