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Monday, March 07, 2005

Draw your own interface...idea #24/100...

"Aah. The mind of a child" said Yoda in Attack of the Clones. The child thought of the answer that eluded Obi-Wan. My 5-year old son thought of this idea...

He just handed me a phone case (for a T68i) in which he had inserted paper instead of a phone. On it he had drawn his own interface design. This made me think...why not?

A phone could be produced with a touch-sensitive membrane beneath a plastic shield. Between the two could be inserted a keypad design, hand drawn if you like, or else nicely produced (e.g. in Photoshop) and printed from a colour laser. The phone can then go through a learning mode asking the user to touch all the keys. Voila! A uniquely customised phone interface.

[Japan probably already has it!]

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