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Monday, February 07, 2005

Read this blog on your phone...

You can read this blog on your mobile, using WAP or some other mobile browser.
I'm trying out a WINKsite for this blog from Wireless Ink.

Mobile URL: http://winksite.com/pgolding/ww
You can see what it looks like via an emulator by clicking the logo on the right.

WINKsite makes it easy to publish mobile blogs. In my case, I'm using its ability to fetch this blog from its Atom news feed. I don't know where Wireless Ink are going with this platform, but they are definitely trying to shape the unfolding moblogging story. Thus far, it is only a story, with lots of beginnings and plots doing the rounds.

Why would you want to read this blog on a mobile?
Not really sure. I was interested in trying it out myself.
It did occur to me that if all you want to read is the 100 Mobile ideas that I'll be posting in the next couple of months, then you could tune in every day or so on your mobile on the train, or wherever.

I've tried it on my Blackberry. Performance was a little slow, but that could be a number of things, not necessarily the WINKsite platform itself. However, I'm not sure why the platform gives me such a small WAP page. Is it a genuine limitation of the Blackberry browser, or is the familiar worst-case page sizing rearing its ugly head. Or, is it the device capabilities not being read properly from the device's UAProf (see it here)? Or........AHHHH!!!! It's just WAP.

As I blogged a post or two ago, it's important that mobile devices should be able to post content to blogs. Blogging is growing, probably exponentially, or some other beautiful progression. The ability to produce mobile multimedia content is growing, at some other rate.

Also, with Atom (or even RSS), it is a cinch for mobiles to read blogs. The reason is that blogs are generally well structured. A mobile could easily extract the data it needs to read one and format it appropriately for the display.

Happy moblogging or WINKing, or whatever....


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