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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Cellular - The Movie...

I just finished watching the thriller "Cellular". My wife saw the vanilla case from Blockbuster and thought I'd managed to find a documentary about cell phones. I almost wish I had.

A woman (Kim Bassinger) is kidnapped and locked in a room with a broken phone. She somehow fiddles with the phone and manages to dial a number (at random). The guy (Chris Evans) on the other end answers and hears her plea for help. He thinks it's a prank call.

After various flimsy happenstances, Chris' character stays on the line and tries to help the victim out, which he does for the duration of the film, the whole time staying on the line.

At one point, the line becomes crossed with another cell user, who is forced to hand over his mobile at gunpoint, so that the conversation can continue. GET DIGITAL GUYS! This lady almost got killed because of a line swap and, among other faults...yes, loss of signal, loss of battery (he has to hold up a cellular store to get a charger).

Anyhow, the film is just about worth a watch to see what happens next at each unfolding of the tenuous plot. Otherwise, it's just a huge advert for Nokia phones, with the 6600 appearing about 200 times, including a nice demonstration of its camera and video features. I wish mine had the same quality and resolution as the one in the film.

It was a nice attempt to write a film script around a cellular theme.
Makes me want to write my own script...
(...keep coming back, maybe I'll post one)


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