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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Long distance mobile, without fiddling...

Do you want to make cheap overseas calls on your mobile? You may already have something like a One-Tel account and a local number to access overseas numbers at One-Tel rates, not mobile-operator-take-all-my-money rates.

Cory Doctorow was lamenting about the problem with this approach. All that fiddling around with entering access codes and then the international number. Not very easy on the move. Not very easy at all. He poses a solution:

"With the right programming, my P900 could automate all those steps. I could tell it my current PIN, and every time I hit an international number in the phone book, or even started to dial one, it would automatically route the call through my card, shaving a fortune off my long-distance bills. No carrier is ever going to give me the application to do that, but as long as one other person deemed it useful and built it, I could have it too."

Well, Cory, the solution already exists, courtesy of Nick Hancock's new venture. This is his response to Cory:

"This is exactly what my company Intelli-Call has done with the BT Callwise product, available now. The mobile operators may not like it but these products are coming ....take control of your mobile."

Go check it out......Intelli-Call http://www.intelli-call.com/


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