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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tai Chi on the phone...

I am learning Tai Chi. I already subsribe to Traditional Chinese Medicine as a viable approach to wellness, including acupuncture and herbs. Tai Chi is a soft martial art that involves graceful movements that are a lot harder than they look - believe me! (I sweat a lot and it hurts.)

During one of the lessons I was intrigued by one of the students who was perplexed by the initially difficult to grasp sequence of Tai Chi walking. His response was to get out his mobile and start video recording the sequence.

Of course, it might serve as a useful reminder and learning aid, but I couldn't help reflecting on the disconnect. Here he was in front of a Tai Chi master who could teach the student in the flesh, but he was too busy downloading the moves into his phone to learn it from a screen later....

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