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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mobiles and advertisers...

In a recent edition of London's Financial Times, one of the world's biggest ad agencies made the comment that mobiles will become more important than television. That's an interesting admission from an ad agency.

The problem is they (ad agencies) don't really have a clue about how to tap into the "mobile channel". There's no concept of paying to broadcast at peak time. Moreover, mobile users aren't about to tolerate spam ads, or any ads for that matter.

I guess what's potentially encouraging about this realisation by a major agency is that we are surely going to see some creative attempts to cease the opportunity. One hopes that this is a good thing.

I shall return to this topic, but one other interesting nugget of information in the FT article was that 60% of mobile users take their mobiles to bed with them. The article said this is out of anxiety to receive any late (or early AM) messages and calls, although they failed to mention the alarm clock factor. Many straw polls have shown that the alarm clock is a favourite app for many phone users. My hunch is that there must be some useful ways of exploiting this nightly mobile habit....(another topic for the future)....

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