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Monday, April 04, 2005

Stark words...

This morning I read a message from Tomi Ahonen, 3G Marketing guru, concerning a 14-page special in The Economist about digitally-connected and aware consumers...

"The Economist - a conservative business peridical not known for overhype - makes this remarkable statement to conclude its Leader/Editorial: "Only those firms ready and able to serve these new (empowered customers) will survive."

Within the coming 3G era, mobile will be centre-stage. Some of us ("Mobilists") this past week have been debating about how significant the mobile will actually be in the digital-convergence process. There are many facets to the discussion, but a key comment from Ajit Jaoker, publisher of Tomi's new book "Communities Dominate Brands" was:

"While the mobile device will not cannibalise the specialised device, it will be the device ‘most often used’ by consumers to access digital content"

I think Ajit's point about frequency is key. We might use PC's to consume masses of Megabytes per session, but at a much lower frequency than consuming a few Megabytes (currently Kilo-bytes) on our mobile devices. The mobile is the only computing device that we carry with us at all times. I think it is useful to think of it in these terms.

Each time a mobile user experiences a mobile interruption, or an urge for a "mobile moment", almost always, revenue flows. The mobile ecosystem has demonstrated that users relish immediacy and are willing to pay for it.

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