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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Phone shaking...

My previous post on "Touch Mating" may have had a misleading title, more appropriate for a different type of blog. That got me thinking about human touch...

Today, we shake hands when we meet, especially in business. Will we "shake" mobile phones tomorrow?

If we can pass personal information from one mobile phone to another through a close proximity "swipe" (Near-field Communications), then it will probably become habit. I wonder if it will supplant the handshake?

When doing the "shake", perhaps a quick check will be done on our friend-of-a-friend files to see who, if any, our common contacts are. This could be useful in its own right, or an ice-breaker.

It would also be useful if any data relevant to the meeting was brought to the surface. In other words, if I'm meeting "Dave", then all my emails with "Dave" are readily visible in my "meetings" folder, as well as documents, presentations etc.

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