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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Multiplayer music mixing...idea #35/100...

P Diddy's announcement of "I am an MVNO" is not surprising, at least not to me. I have known of the power of his brand for some time. Somewhere in my pile of biz cards I have one for the European franchise manager for his clothing brand.

Meeting him got me involved with looking at "urban-culture mobile". That's how my interest in graffiti developed (e.g. this post on Street Logos). I also have vivid memories of having lunch with a group of people from the industry and not being sure what they were talking about, or, indeed, what language they were speaking.

At one point, I wrote a report on various ways that mobile technology could be utilised in the hip-hop industry. Among them was games, of course. I ended up architecting a rap-battling game, which actually ended up being programmed.

Music mixing is also a possibility, and some mixers have already been made available on phones. One idea I missed, which is the idea for this posting, is making a multiplayer mixer using Bluetooth.

It ought to be possible to establish a common time signature across all participating devices and to maintain synchronisation. Each player could mix down their own track, or tracks, real-time with their device.

Whether sufficient synchronisation could be achieved across a wide area connection, that's a different discussion. But, with the possibilities of the IMS and HSPDA, transmission delays might be manageable. Afterall, one of the hopes for these upgrades to 3G is that real-time multiplayer games can be supported.

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